Visitor statistics

Visualize and track website visitors on a daily basis. Enables you to track how many users are online on your website at any given time. Analytics AI conveniently plots charts so you can compare visitors over various days.

Real Time Map

Visualize visitor footprint from all over the world. Get insights of your customers in real time on a map.

Frequently Asked Questions

Analytics AI is a web analytics software service that provides reports on your website visitors.
Yes, Our software tracks individual visitor activity on your website. Reports contain individual user device name, location and other useful information.
Yes, if visitors are being redirected from a specific ad campaign or from social media you can track them too.
No. Although our software records visitor IP address you will not have access to it as it breaches visitor's privacy.
Yes. You can track users in real time and view user behavior.
No. Analytics AI service is available only for Elite AI websites.