Customer support Bot

Chatbot AI is smart enough to understand your customers. You don't need a support team, when a bunch of trained bots can handle the technical support of your products or services. Lets suppose your users don't have access to their account, Chatbot AI can understand this intent and perform a password reset.

Scheduling an appointment

Chatbot AI can be trained to schedule and manage user appointments. If you are a consultant, doctor, lawyer, real estate agent or an astrologer then this cant get any better.

Information Bot

Chatbot AI can be trained to provide information about your products or services. For instance, if you are a property builder and sell variety of plots it is cumbersome to respond to everyone the price of plot especially whose pricing vary on location.

Sales Bots

Chatbot AI can place order and manage it for you. It can sell your products or services. Consider your bot as a sales person. A human may not handle a rejection from customers but a bot definitely can.

Frequently Asked Questions

Chatbot AI is a conversational interface plugin that uses Blackweb's Proprietary algorithm to interact with prospects or visitors of your website.
Chatbot AI is proven to get more leads for your business. It can make sales for you, close deals, provide information about your products or services and much more.
No, At the moment we support Chatbot AI plugin on Elite AI websites only.
No, Our experts will build your custom bot based on your needs.
Yes, All Chatbot AI bots use Artificial Intelligence and machine learning. Your custom bot gets intelligent and becomes aware of your products and services as time passes.
No, Chatbot AI is in beta stage. We will support integrations soon.