Content Management Technology

Conveniently create, modify and publish your content online with Blackweb's advanced content management technology. Redesign entirely anytime with user friendly intuitive drag and drop interface.

Chatbot AI

Empower your business with CHATBOT AI and engage with your customers giving them rich conversational experience. ChatBot AI is an Artificial intelligence service powered by Blackweb's machine learning algorithm. Chatbot AI understands user's sentiments and makes conversations so natural


Blackweb's Smart Site Analytics tracks and reports website traffic and lets you visually monitor and analyse your customers. Evaluate user experience of your customer and learn their behavior.


Blackweb Elite AI automatically issues a green lock to your website which ensures your website is secure and encrypted. Now your visitors have trust in your business website.

Serverless Hosting

Blackweb rapidly deploys your website on our secure server across the globe within minutes. Automatic server management continuously scales your website precisely with increasing web traffic.

Modification Credits

Get upto 4 modification credits annually. Each credit can be used to implement new features or bring about site changes according to your growing business needs.

Fast Delivery

Blackweb Elite AI makes sure that your website is delivered quickest wherever your visitors access your website from. Your website is deployed on our servers all over the globe.

Custom Domain

Your Brand your Domain. Blackweb offers you a wide variety of domains. Register or transfer your domain name in a snap. Blackweb automatically manages all the vital domain management records.


Blackweb Elite AI automatically ranks your website higher on search engine like Google based on the content updated on site so that your prospects can find you easily .

Frequently Asked Questions

Elite AI is an integrated suite of powerful website tools and technologies that include Content Management Technology, Chatbot AI, Analytics AI, SEO and SSL certificate.
No, We will design and develop your custom website based on your needs. However, our Content Management Technology enables you to update your content whenever you want.
No, Elite AI takes care of everything. Our Serverless technology automatically scales your website based on the number of visitors.
Blackweb billing is transparent and fair. If you upgrade your plan in the middle of the billing cycle, you will be charged for the prorated amount.
No, we don't do refunds. However, you can cancel your annual subscription any time and won't be charged again.
Yes. you will have access to our support team. However, if you are subscribed to Elite AI for Enterprise you will have access to a relationship manager.